About UHN File Share

What It Is

UHN File Share (FS) allows you to send files to other individuals over the Internet.

You can use FS to upload the files, and then share the download link with the people you want to give access to your files.

The download process can be as simple as clicking the link and downloading the files, or secure, requiring the user to enter two different passwords to obtain the content. Please pick the right approach depending on the sensitivity of information you want to share.

UHN File Share works with all modern browsers and operating systems using a laptop or desktop computer. While users are often able to use this service on a mobile phone or tablet, certain functionality may be disabled due to device/browser/app incompatibilities. For this reason, mobile devices are officially unsupported and users are advised to use a laptop or a desktop computer if mobile issues are encountered.

How It Works

The sequence is as follows:

  • Step 1. Start by uploading one or more files.
  • Step 2. Pick an appropriate level of protection for your files.
    Note the download password generated for the "Confidential" and "Patient Information" levels.
    For the "Patient Information" level you will also need to provide unzip password.
  • Step 3. Enter your email address. An email will be sent to this address containing a download link for your files.

Share the link from the email with the people you want give access to your uploaded files. You can just email it.

If you have passwords associated with your upload please do not communicate them via email. Instead, share them in person, over the phone (preferably not voicemail), or via text message.


In order to ensure that this service is used appropriately we have placed some restrictions:

  • If files are uploaded by external users (outside of UHN network and with non-UHN email address), they can only be downloaded from within UHN network (or via VPN). This prevents the system from being abused as a file repository.

    If you are a UHN staff member and you are uploading files from outside of UHN network, enter your UHN email address so that this restriction doesn't apply to you.

  • Your upload will remain on the server for 30 days.

Recommended tools for .7z format

UHN File Share uses 7-Zip (a free archive tool) to compress and password-protect uploaded files (using AES-256 encryption) creating ".7z" archives.
You will need file archive software installed on your device to open ".7z" files.

Windows users
For users on a UHN managed Windows computer, the 7-Zip application should be already pre-installed and configured to automatically open .7z files. If not please contact onsite technical support.

Users on a non-managed Windows computer should download and install the free 7-Zip application:

Mac users
Mac users should download and install the free The Unarchiver from Mac App Store: